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Our main activity is exporting Bolivian handcrafted products.

We work in a spirit of cooperation with our partners based on the principles of equity and solidarity that help improve quality of life for the artisans.

Therefore, we only work with small Bolivian artisans and cooperatives. We consider our artisans to be our partners, paying them a fair price in advance when the artisan needs it in order to purchase his or her raw material.

What is fair trade?
One of the objectives of fair trade is to support some of the local economic development dynamics taking place among the producers on the ground.

Fair trade has nothing to do with charity, hand-outs or humanitarian activities. We do not criticize these issues, but we only want to clarify that they do not enter into the objective of Caserita.com which is a business.

We seek to build a cooperative relationship with our partners (not our beneficiaries) to develop the local economy through an international partner, which is Caserita.com, and reinforce the autonomy of the artisans. We have identified the business, the purchase of products from the artisans, as a tool to achieve these objectives while respecting the dignity of the artisans and their experiences.

These small organizations create sustainable jobs at the local level.

Caserita.com Commitments:
  • Guarantee a fair price. 
  • Pay when products are received or in advance if necessary.
  • Reasonable production terms.
  • Commitment to long-term business relationships. 
  • Decent working conditions.
  • Promote a family artisan and traditional experience.
  • Offer good quality products.
  • Guarantee transparency of exchanges: Information provided when selling the products allows us to make the consumers aware of the economic exchange conditions in Bolivia. 

In summary…
We want our activity to make people aware of Bolivian craftsmanship and thus allow the artisans to develop their activities sustainably, establishing a relationship with each of them.

Caserita.com has become well-known in the network of Bolivian artisans, and they seek us out. That is the proof that we have a good image in the local artisan community in the country. As far as the prices that some customers consider to be low, we pay our artisans a fair price, trying to suggest the correct price to our customers. We do not have a trademark, and we try to sell more products at the right price instead of selling fewer products at a high price. Thus we allow our artisans to work all year round so we can rotate our stock.

Perhaps the result of the benefits is the same, but the result of the effects in the area of local economic development is different.By buying our products, you enable us to nourish this virtuous circle ensuring a decent income for the artisans.

What about the future?
We are not part of an international fair trade business organization, but it is a project that we wish to achieve one day without harming anyone.In effect, the price for being part of a fair trade network is costly enough, and we have to think well about how to complete this project without harming our customers when the prices of our products go up.